LSCO Reveals! PCD shares are likely to rise on the back of a push from Phousy Group.

The Lao securities commission officer (LSCO) updated its share status between 14-17 February 2022. Found that: Shares of Phousy Construction and Development Public Company (PCD) Co., Ltd. are still the stand of 03 companies with increased growth. At the same time, driven by the business growth of Phousy Group , the parent company of PCD, it has taken the lead in piloting a digital asset business, which was signed with the government earlier this year.

This is good news for Phousy Construction and Development Public Company (PCD), which has been increasing since the beginning of 2022 until now, as domestic and foreign investors have been paying more and more attention to the company’s shares, as has been reported in the official media in the past. Only the second week of the month between 14 – 17 February 2022, the company’s shares closed at 1,320 kip, increased 70 kip compared to the first week closed at 1,250 kip.

At the same time, shares of Lao Foreign Trade Public Bank closed at 5,700 kip, increased 50 kip; Shares of Petroleum Trading Lao Public Company closed at 420 kip, increased 20 kip and Suvanni Home Center Public Company closed at 2,000 kip, increased 100 kip. Shares of Vientiane Center Lao Public Company decreased by 30 kip, shares of Mahathuen Leasing Public Company decreased by 20 kip. The other five stocks, such as Electricity Generating Lao Public Company, Lao Wen Public Company Limited, Lao Agrotech Public Company Limited, Lao Cement Public Company Limited and Lao ASEAN Leasing Public Company, are still stable.

As a result, the Lao Stock Exchange index closed at 602.35 points, an increase of 0.51 percent; The weekly turnover was over 300 million kip. Of these, a total of 65,800 shares were traded and more than 100 million kip was bought by foreign investors.

Phousy Construction and Development Public Company (PCD) is the contractor for the construction project for the parent company, Phousy Group. For the year 2021, the handover project for the construction of the Luang Prabang bypass has been completed, from Ban Kok Ngiw to Ban Phonexay with a length of 15.8 km. Currently, there are three projects that are in the process of signing contracts because they have completed the survey-design, namely: the construction of a two-story paved road, but the bridge from Ban Dong to Tad Guangxi is 25.4 km long; Construction of a two-story paved road from Poung village on the border of Long district, Luang Namtha province, 57.8 km long, and a strategic project (paving) along the Lao-Vietnam-Cambodia border with a length of 100 km. In addition, PCD also develops infrastructure for the Luang Prabang Special Economic Zone, has invested in the construction and development of real estate in major cities across the country, and more.

What is most socially interested at the moment is Welnance Trading Online Co., Ltd., the sole subsidiary of Phousy Group, which has signed an agreement to conduct a digital asset business venture with the Ministry of Technology and Communications (ICT) to develop information systems and services. Therefore, it is good that PCD shares are constantly increasing.

The growth of the company in the subsidiary of Phousy Group is in line with the vision of Mr. Sithong Phommachit, the second generation successor who has led the company to continuous growth and the goal in the next 5 years is to become one of the 1,000 leading companies in the world.

(Content – Photo: LSCO)

[Edited by: Phousy Construction and Development Public Company]

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