Follow up! PCD shares that investors are interested in after the stock price is likely to rise in the future.

Phousy Construction and Development Public Company (PCD), a specialist in integrated construction engineering services in Lao PDR, is the sixth company to be listed on the Lao Securities Exchange; The first trading session was opened on October 10, 2017 at the price of 1,350 kip / share; The first day of trading of the company was considered to be good, with a total of 205,200 shares traded worth over 226 million kip. At present, the latest share price fluctuates according up-down to the economic mechanism at 1,540 kip / share and has an average market value of around 1 billion kip / day.

Phousy Construction and Development Public Company (PCD), also known as the high standard construction company within the Phu Si Group, has been trusted by the party and government to build major projects across the country. At the same time, it is one of the leading construction companies in Laos, where foreign investors have come to trust high-quality construction work that meets international standards, and is also a public company listed on the Lao Stock Exchange.

This has made the company’s reputation in the national and sub-regional arenas; All of this is a direct positive effect on the company’s share price, which has been fluctuating up steadily over the past five years. Currently, the share price up-down in the range of 1,300 – 1,500 kip / share and is traded between 100 – 10,000 shares / day.

The reason for the increase fluctuating up in share price is due to the company’s continued growth in performance, the payment of dividends to shareholders and the good compliance with the rules and regulations of the LSX is a good levels . In addition, foreign investors are interested in participating in many of the company’s existing projects, especially the construction of the expressway (Vientiane-Pakse), which Lao society is most interested in at the moment.

The highway construction project (Vientiane-Pakse) has a total investment of over US $ 4 billion and we are one of the four companies selected by the government as well as the Ministry of Public Works and Transport give to be responsible for the construction of the fourth phase (From Xeno, Savannakhet to Napong, Saravane Province), with a total length of 135.2 km and an initial construction cost of US $ 1.235 billion.

When investors see the opportunity of the company is trends to grow in the future, so the atmosphere of buying the company’s shares through the Lao Stock Exchange is so lively that it has become an attractive stock for the masses who want to hold another option now.

In recent years, despite the fact that our country has experienced economic difficulties due to the outbreak of covid-19, but the overall share of the company is still fluctuating up-down is according to the pace of economic mechanism, which is shown in the table below:

No. Date Month Year Stock Price Volume
Buy and sell valuation shares
Trading shares (Kip) Market value (Million Kip)
01 10/10/2017 1,350 kip / share 205,200 shares 226.725.000 785.700
02 10/10/2018 1,200 kip / share 200 shares 240,000 698.400
03 10/10/2019 1,040 kip / share 400 shares 416,000 605.280
04 16/09/2020 1,080 kip / share 1,600 shares 1,728,000 628.560
05 29/10/2021 1,770 kip / share 100 shares 177,000 1,030,140
06 30/11/2021 1,540 kip / share 700 shares 1.072.000 896.280
According to a Stock market report on the overview of the third quarter of trading share in 2021, indicate that: the outbreak of Covid-19 resulted in an increase in inflation to the high levels of 4.17% and the exchange rate of levels to 9,973 kip / dollar, an increase of 5.1% compared to the previous quarter. Meanwhile,
The LSX index closed at levels of 628.19 points, an increase of 9.82% compared to the previous quarter (end of the second quarter of 2021).

• The market value of listed companies on the LSX increased by 9.82% compared to the previous quarter (second quarter of 2021).
• The trading value in the third quarter of 2021 decreased by 15.41 billion Kip, decreased 44.20% compared to the previous quarter (2nd quarter of 2021).
• Trading through brokers is still considered as the main channel preferred by most investors, accounting for 58.68% and through HTS accounting for 41.32% of all transactions.
• shares BCEL was the most traded stock share , accounting for 75.02% of the total trading value, and the trading of the other 10 companies together accounted for 24.98% of the total trading value.
• The trading atmosphere of foreigners and local investors was 23.44% and 76.56% of the total trading value, respectively.

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