PCD summarizes the results of business operations in the third quarter of 2021, assigning an obligation to the state of nearly 300 million kip.

ເດືອນມີນາ 10, 2022

Phu Sy Contruction and Development public company (PCD) has summarized the business results for the past 9 months or (third quarter of 2021) was able to pay 264,242,787 kip in salary tax to the state; It is considered as a strict contribution of the company to the party-government as well as the disclosure of business information to shareholders as well as investors because it is a company listed on the Lao Securities Exchange.

The Lao securities exchange revealed that phu si construction and development public company or (PCD) experts provide the engineering and construction turnkey Lao PDR Results doing business in Q3 2021. In this, evaluate the plan implemented last as the marketing work , develop human resources, improve the structure in order to comply with the structure and conditions of the stock market his welfare society, to raise the quality and standard of work, plans to expand business and others.

Specifically, the construction projects that PCD Company is continuing to implement in 02 projects are: the construction of a two-story paved road (from Ou village, Luang Prabang province to Sibounheung village, Nan district, LuangPrabang province) with a length of 50.2 km and upgrading of the road (from Kieu Chea village to Muang Houp village to phonthong district, LuangPrabang province);

In recent years, our country has been affected by the Covid-19 outbreak, resulting in the company to implement the plan is not full grain full unit as planned , thus generating less profit and contributing to the real situation. Of that, 264,242,787 kip was paid to the state in the third quarter of 2021 and it is expected that in the near future the company will have more business potential.

At the same time, PCD has a vision to develop its business to become a leader in the construction, use of modern technology and business expansion into the ASEAN Economic Community in the future. By providing a full range of services to customers at the international level, such as quality, timely, attention to detail, honest – cooperate with partners and customers.

[Content-Photo: Phu Sy Construction and Development Public Company]

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