Phousy Group Company signs a pilot agreement to conduct digital asset transactions.

Ministry of technology and communications (MOTC) companies and Phousy Group Limited alone has signed ceremony of the digital property business pilot agreement was held on February 3, 2022 at the Ministry of technology and communications contracts between Mr keonakhone xaysoulien head of digital technology department, Ministry of technology and communications with Mr Sitha phommachit, vice president of Phousy Group Limited only by joining witnessed your profess Mr Borviengkham Vongdala his office, Minister of Technology and Communications; Mr. Sithong Phommachit, Chairman of Phousy Group Co., Ltd., with the relevant ministry leaders and invited guests.
At the ceremony.

Mr. Keonakhone Xaysulien said some important moments: At present, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is a general trend and a bubble is flowing around the world. Block chain is one of the emerging technologies in the Industrial 4.0 era that the world is focusing on research, development and application in many fields, especially in the financial sector. With the special feature of Block chain technology, electronic value exchange can be done through computer networks, resulting in a large number of digital asset transactions to be traded or exchanged. This cooperation is to implement the government’s vision, strategy and national digital economic development plan to achieve the goals.

Alongside that, Mr. Sitha Phommachit added that the signing of this agreement will be good in promoting the business sector, as well as a way to increase revenue for the public sector. Our company is ready to work with the public sector to study and apply the block chain system to the development of the various branches of government by shifting from the natural system to the digital system, making the administration more efficient to drive the macro-economy, transparency and expansion.

Company information also provides that: On January 13, 2022, Welnance Trading Online Co., Ltd., the only subsidiary of Phousy Group , signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the cooperation, feasibility study, project development and service, boundary information technology group (Block chain) in Laos PDR . The project will aim to develop a platform, software / program and application to support management, administration and services to the government and society, such as:

  1. Digital ID system;
  2. Modern housing information management system (E-Resident);
  3. Modern financial system (E-Finance);
  4. Modern health system (E-Health);
  5. Modern school system (E-School);
  6. Modern government (E-Government).


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