As being a provider in comprehensive engineering services by emphasizing on infrastructure developments where the majority of the project owners are the state sectors. Therefore, our marketing strategy is aimed for the state sector by project transfer on a quality and on-time basic which have made them an important factor that the project owner has put a trust on a quality provided by us where we have given more jobs from the state sector. In addition, the Company has built good relationship with the state sector in proving the information and exchange of construction information along with the studies, exploration of addition areas for road project developments which have made the Company has better chances of winning the auctions.


Our target customers are divided into the state and private sectors especially on the infrastructure development projects in the northern part of the country covering the whole country. Over the past 5 years (from 2012-2016), the Company has been received its total revenues 100% from the state sector. In the future, the Company plans to add extra projects (micro, medium, and mega sizes) from the private sectors. In addition, the Company plans to develop properties project to supply the increasing demands of major urban cities of the country.


The distribution channel of the Company is in the granting of contracts from the government by the submission of bidding documents to quote the prices and negotiate on the work with the project owner. The company then receives the project bidding documents to evaluate the quotation. From time to time, the Company propose the project directly to the project owner to approve the project. However, the project owner shall inspect the possibility of that road construction or project; the feasibility study is needed to mitigate the competition risk in the bidding.


The Company has a policy to increase the work in construction from the state and private sectors. To achieve our target to be a leader in construction and country’s development, we are planning to expand our business in the ASEAN Community. In order to have a competitive advantage and achieve the target, the Company has developed competitive strategies as followed:

AComprehensive construction service company

As a comprehensive construction provider company and we are ready to submit the project proposal or enter the bidding competition of both state and private project that have put readiness to our Company to be a leading industrial developer of the country, select to invest in infrastructure development projects and property development projects with personnel with experienced in construction engineering, use of modern technology; aim for bigger and more complex projects. The abundance of construction materials and experienced workers have contributed to the Company’s success.

BQuality and standard of the work

Maintaining the quality and standardof work are the reason that our Company has been successful. From the founding history of the Company, we managed to finish the work on time, with trust and quality of work based on the duration of the Contract and service customers with sincere, in great detail, and being honest.

Our Company focuses on the state-funded infrastructure development project at the provincial, district and division levels. Our strengths are high experienced and high level of competency of our personnel. We do believe that, with these strengths we are able to perform the infrastructure development project efficiently by utilizing effective human resources and engineering management; these have contributed to theincrease in profits and regular revenues. In addition, mega projects have been supported by customers and public, risk associated with income collection has been decreased. However, the infrastructure development work is the most important area; the Company pays attention to the quality inspection through the construction process with engineers monitor in each project to solve the issue on a timely manner.

C. On-time work transfer

The infrastructure development work, especially on the road construction is a time-consuming project. Therefore, the Company must transfer the work on-time as planned. The Company has been well known for on-time work transfer which is an important factor for the Company’s success that requires long-term responsibility.

The Company has a systematic management by planning in each phase with continuous personnel empowerment to ensure effective implementation of work and finish on time.

DAttention to detail on the project

The Company has put the attention to detail in all projects with managers and engineers with many years of experiences, expert in the road & bridge construction projects and others to perform the monitoring of all project activities which have contributed to the constant improvement of the company and therefore decrease the construction costs of various types. Moreover, the Company aims to achieve that target by developing management concept, use of modern technology to make performance improvement as well as to decrease the construction costs of various types.

EBeing honest and fair to our colleagues

As being a Company that is honest, sincere, and fair for all related stakeholders that include the project owner, designer, and supervisor. Due to the fact that the designer knows the project in details. From the principles of being honest and sincere, these have led us to become a good reputation Company, engaged with customers demonstrated through the good relations we have among the supervisor, designers, and colleagues.

FBeing respected and trusted by our customers

From the Company’s previous success, we have been trusted by the customers and being respected by the project owner. Since then, we have been regularly contacted by the public sectors to attend the bidding competition.

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