PCD is not only stands for our company name but it also stands for our value and the way we do our business. PCD is one of the leading service provider in Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Design (EPC and Design). PCD has a long experience in infrastructure construction which delivers high quality of work in a timely manner. Our customer is mainly state-own projects where the projects are mainly located in the northern of Lao PDR. PCD received its projects by bidding where state will announce for bidding of a project and PCD submit its bidding to win over the project. Our successful rate is considerably high due to our strong experience in the sector as well as competent workforce who stood behind all our successes.

PCD business areas can be divided into three key areas as following:

  1. 1. Road and Bridge Construction: Construction projects happened when there is a bidding of a project from the state-own or private sector.
  2. 2. Road maintenance and Rehabilitation: This also through bidding mostly after raining season or natural disaster where the needs of road repairs are promptly required.
  3. 3. Others Projects: This includes riverbank erosion protection, access roads, airport runway and more.

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